Doctoral Candidates

Sara Faghihi
PhD Candidate – DC7

Hello there! I’m Sara Faghihi, born and raised in Tehran, Iran. My academic journey began there with a degree in pharmacy. During my thesis, I delved into the world of targeted drug delivery systems, igniting a passion that led me to pursue a master’s degree in nanomedicine for drug delivery.

My path directed me to an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s program jointly offered by four esteemed European universities, under the coordination of Université Paris Cité in France. This experience not only expanded my knowledge of the field but also allowed me to develop invaluable interpersonal skills.

In April 2024, I embarked on a new chapter by joining the Stop Spread Bad Bugs MSCA-funded consortium. My current project focuses on assessing the biopharmaceutical properties of Human Milk Oligosaccharides through a combination of in vitro and ex vivo models. Additionally, I will be involved in formulating dry powder inhalers of these compounds and studying their pharmacokinetic properties through in vivo experiments.

Apart from my academic pathway, I am into travelling, exploring new cultures and art museums.

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