Doctoral Candidates

Ariana Carvalho
PhD Candidate – DC8

A challenge-enthusiast and a proactive multitasker highly passionate about science and, more particularly, the area of Infectious Diseases. Added to that is a love for nature and outdoor activities, photography, and traveling, and that is me in a nutshell. Hi, I’m Ariana Carvalho, born and raised in Northern Portugal.

After graduating in Biomedical Sciences, the Master’s in Molecular Biomedicine (University of Aveiro) alongside two research traineeships in both national and international virology laboratories allowed me to further explore and grow my interest in the area of Infectious Diseases. It was this experience abroad that made me determined to pursue a PhD also abroad.

And now, with a background in cell and molecular biology, in vitro methods, and imaging technologies, I heartily embrace this new adventure as the DC8 of this fascinating project that so well merges my passions, experience, and future career goals. Fitting me like a glove, this will certainly be a unique opportunity for the personal and professional growth through intensive training and cultural exchange I so desired to find.

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