Doctoral Candidates

Anirudh Kulkarni
PhD Candidate – DC1

Hejsan to anyone who will read my Bio. I am Anirudh Kulkarni. But you can call me Ani. For the first 24 years of my life, I lived and studied in India.

After finishing my bachelors from India in Chemical Engineering, I came to Sweden to pursue a Master´s in Biotechnology.  During my Masters program, I got to work with bacterial, fungi and mammalian cells. For my Master thesis, I wanted to round my profile and work with plants with a focus on enzymes. This lead to pursue a thesis at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark , working with novel Sorghum (plant) FMO´s (Flavin containing Mono-oxygenase) enzymes; trying to resolve their function in plant metabolism and structure-function relationship for possible use in textile and pharmaceutical industry. 

From the onset of my Bachelors, I had a keen interest to resolve problems using a Bio-oriented and applied solutions. Gradually this changed to developing a profile between the interfaces of academia and industry; to try new approaches and solution for the issues faced by the masses and up-scaling them for the rapid use. This has resulted in me pursuing a Doctorate by working at Inbiose and pursuing a secondment at Utrecht University in the SSBB consortium.

The goal is develop and test high DP (degree of polymerization) and novel HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) as alternatives for anti-microbial use against multi-drug resistant pathogens; offering a different tool in the toolbox for the fight against MDR pathogens with a focus on E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa.

On the other side, in my personal time, I like to box, do CrossFit, fence, dance (you can look up the word capoeira) and watch corny movies. My current goal is to enjoy working between industry and academia and finishing my Doctorate peacefully.


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